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  TUPE Transfer of Staff
How You the customers are affected
  So many cleaning companies rely on this scare tactic to continue bringing you bad cleaning practices, mismanaged staff and defiantly no customer service, for which you are probably paying a great deal of money.

Should you have become dissatisfied with your current cleaning contractor and a complete change is your only solution, then don’t be put off by thinking that TUPE REGULATIONS are just too difficult and time consuming for you to deal with.

Transferring existing staff from one cleaning contractor to another is something we at Your Elite Cleaning are very familiar with. We have a lot of experience dealing with “Transfer of Undertaking of Protection of Employment.

As Your Elite Cleaning assumes full responsibility in any transfer we confidently reassure your Business any issues that may arise are dealt with.

We create a smooth seamless transfer, so your Business can carry on with no interruptions.

Your Cleaning operatives employed by your previous cleaning contractor, automatically become employees of Your Elite Cleaning Ltd.
We will ensure all employees contracts are protected by keeping their existing terms and conditions with a few extra ones that are unique to us.

Should you employ your own cleaning staff but now wish to outsource your cleaning, don’t worry its simple and we will work out every step together with you and your employees for a smooth transition.

To discuss how can help you to change your business’s cleaning services to ourselves from your existing cleaning company and request our free no obligation consultation
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